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Gaoyun Semiconductor Introduces Latest Security FPGA Series

Guangzhou, China, July 1, 2019 - Guangdong Gaoyun Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gaoyun Semiconductor"), the world's fastest growing programmable logic company, announced the official release of its secure FPGA family. Secure FPGAs for endpoint applications enable built-in secure encryption to eliminate vulnerabilities in security attacks and edge computing. With the development of technology, device interconnection in daily life is the norm. However, as the number of these devices grows, the threat of data theft is increasing day by day. Information security attacks through intelligent monitoring systems, smart factories, and cars as portals have become daily events. In order to prevent such attacks, it has become an urgent need to start from the security root of the edge and continue to connect to the cloud. "With the popularity of IoT and the rise of industrial Internet of Things, the security of products and systems has become crucial," said Huang Jun, sales director and vice president of marketing at Gaoyun Semiconductor China. "Gaoyun Semiconductor is based on PUF technology. The GW1NSE chip provides high-reliability security and fully guarantees customer design security." Gao Yun Semiconductor's secure FPGA family uses the Physical Uncloneable Function (PUF) to build a root of trust on the FPGA. Once configured, the device can create a unique key for encryption/decryption and authentication. Standard routines such as secure boot, secure download and key exchange are very convenient for users. “PUF technology provides a root of trust without storing sensitive information in non-dynamic memory,” said Grant Jennings, director of international marketing at Gaoyun Semiconductor. “PUF technology can uniquely identify devices and platforms, verify firmware signatures, and generate secrets. The key uses the trusted root established at power up to encrypt the data."